Canada goes to the dogs, cats…reptiles

No doubt in a bid to get you to buy more pet products, has released a report listing the Canadian cities (per capita) that most like to pamper their pets (that is, the cities that buy the most pet stuff on their website). Beyond the marketing, the data is actually kind of interesting. Take it with a grain of salt, but here are Canada’s critter-coddling cities (aka pet-friendly Amazon customers):

MacBlog_Pets(click on photo to enlarge) introduced new data that reveals the top cities in Canada that pamper their pets the most. After compiling sales data of all pet item sales since the launch of the Pets store in March 2013, on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents, the Top 20 Most Pampered Pets Cities in Canada are:

1. Regina, Saskatchewan 11. Mississauga, Ontario
2. Vancouver, British Columbia 12. Markham, Ontario
3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 13. Burnaby, British Columbia
4. Ottawa, Ontario 14. Halifax, Nova Scotia
5. London, Ontario 15. Windsor, Ontario
6. Edmonton, Alberta 16. Richmond, British Columbia
7. Calgary, Alberta 17. Hamilton, Ontario
8. Winnipeg, Manitoba 18. Laval, Quebec
9. Gatineau, Quebec 19. Toronto, Ontario
10. Kitchener, Ontario 20. Surrey, British Columbia

In taking a closer look, the data reveals:

  • Reigning Regina: When it comes to pampering their pets, the residents of Regina know all the tricks. The city was ranked highest for pampering their cats and aquatic animals. The city also bought the most toys overall for their pets with the Kyjen Plush Puppies Ginormous Hide-a-Squirrel being the most popular toy item.
  • Dog Lovers Unite in Vancouver: While ranked second overall, locals in Vancouver love pampering their canines the most. This locale topped the list for ordering the most dog items – from automatic dog feeders to hands-free leashes and more.
  • Feline Friendly Cities: Locals in Regina, followed by Edmonton and Saskatoon showed the most love for their feline friends by buying the most cat products such as cat scratching posts, laser toys and cat bedding.
  • Vancouver Birds Get the Most Worms:  Vancouverites are number one when it comes to pampering their feathered friends, buying the most bird-related items including bird feeders, stands and treats.
  • Reptilian Richmond: When it comes to pampering their reptiles, residents of Richmond (and their reptilian pets) win. Purchasing the most reptile and amphibian products, from terrarium bowls, reptile houses and treats, local lizards, snakes and turtles are treated like reptile royalty.
  • Regina and Laval Residents Know Fish Need Love too: Locals in Regina, followed by Laval were ranked highest for buying the most fish and aquatic pet items, including aquarium filters and accessories, fish food and more.

(Via: Maclean’s)

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