Proud Dog Owners Show Off Their Funny “Dog Beards”

Photo by Lauren Blanc

Animal lovers across the internet have popularized a fun photo trend that allows them to collaborate with their furry companions on a comical composite portrait, all created in-camera. It started with Cat Beards featuring feline friends as the lower half of their owner’s face but dog lovers have proudly chimed in with their own rendition of the meme, aptly known as Dog Beards (or Dog Bearding).

All that’s required to successfully take part in the photo meme is a person facing the camera with a fluffy upwards looking dog composed directly in front of his or her chin. The resulting image is a funny little illusion of a human with an unnaturally shaggy beard and sometimes even a wet nose.

Photo by Naomi Culleton

Photo by murdobeans

Photo by Serenity Storrow Vetter

Photo by Shovebug

Photo by snarkfilms

Photo via weknowmemes

Photo by rowsanah

Photo by Jesse VanHall

Photo by jamierodman

(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

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