Anthony Tortoriello Photography

Anthony Tortoriello is a Chicago-based photographer who has expanded on his decade of advertising work for a diverse clientele to now include powerfully evocative images highlighting ecology and the natural world through his journeys. Working in Costa Rica and Hawaii, he explores themes of biodiversity and our changing planet as he documents lava flows, jungle flora and fauna while climbing inside the tubes of barreling waves. His passion for capturing some of the biggest surf in Hawaii has tested both the photographer and his gear, yet Anthony remains committed to bringing people the niches that remain inaccessible to most.

Proficient with everything technical and digital, Anthony has also worked alongside many commercial photographers as a professional digital tech and retoucher and enjoys collaborating on the post-production side of the business.

Anthony shares his passion for photography with his love life, nature, travel, Mother Ocean, and of course people.  His bold, evocative style captures the moment with stunning crisp images and today we feature some of our favorites from his extensive portfolio.











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