The Dogs of Oakville by Maria Bell

Maria Bell has always had a lifelong love and respect for dogs and has never been without one. Currently she includes two tiny Chihuahuas in her family. Growing up, she was inspired by the immense photographic talents of her father and brothers. Her mother, a fashion designer, was also an artistic inspiration. Her career history includes working for Walt Disney Productions in graphic illustration and photography. Maria has lovingly combined all her talents and passions into creating The Dogs of Oakville, Tails of Distinction, a photo book to help raise funds for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. Combining her great love for dogs together with her creative talents, she imagined a showcase of photos in book format, featuring the dogs of Oakville. Over 180 dog owners took the time to present their pets for photo sessions at a variety of locations throughout the Town. Against the canvas of Oakville streets, gardens and parks you will see images of over 175 dogs and be given a peek into their unique personalities. The Dogs of Oakville is sold out in print format but is now available as an eBookContact Maria for more info and to purchase a copy. Maria has already started taking photos for the next edition of The Dogs of Oakville MORE Tails of Distinction!

Here are some shots that were taken in the process of putting together the first book…

3 thoughts on “The Dogs of Oakville by Maria Bell

  1. I always pick this up and flip through it when I see it on the counters in the local business like Fantastico and Bark & Fitz. Such a cool idea, and I’ve gotten to meet a few of them walking around downtown!


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