Shanghai’s Luxury Animal Emporium


With a five-star dog hotel, professional grooming parlors and hair-coloring centers, Pet Zoo Mega Store is introducing Shanghai’s canine community to a world of unforeseen luxury. Photographer Jonathan Browning, a regular for Der Spiegel, The New York Times and Financial Times, takes us behind the third floor complex, over 21,000 square feet, to document the bizarre pedigree pampering, which includes natural mud massage spas and dog ‘Jacuzzis.’ “The grooming center is all open-plan, with glass walls, so that the owners can watch in confidence during their animals’ spa treatment,” explains Browning of the doted-over pooches. “With Shanghai being the hottest it’s been in 140 years, the spa’s ‘summer coat haircut’ has proved popular; essentially a short shave all over the body except for the head, ears and tail.”

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(Via: Nowness)

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