Murphy’s Paw Design: Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed

Murphy's Paw: The Leo: With 1 Dog

If you feel the need to shove your dog’s unsightly gear out of sight whenever you have company, this new invention is for you. The modern fold-out pet bed by Murphy’s Paw Design is a stylish alternative to the lumpy designs found at Pet Smart.

Designed (sort of by accident) by April Clark and Ed Richardson of Clark | Richardson Architects for the annual charity event Barkitecture in Austin, TX, this bed is tucked into a sleek wall-hung console with a zen-like aesthetic. One large panel reveals a cushion big enough for a large dog or a gaggle of small ones while a smaller panel hides cubbies that are just the right size for your four-legged pal’s toys and treats. When it’s folded up, the unit resembles a slim entertainment unit that would blend into any stylish home.

Currently, the design is available in a dark stained mahogany or white painted wood. Head over to their website for more information and to learn how you can order one of your own.

A Murphy Bed For Murphy


(Via: The Huffington Post)

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