Colorful Paintings by Lauren Carlson Walcott

Lauren Carlson Walcott 1

Lauren Carlson Walcott is one artist who is as bright and bubbly as her paintings. Using watercolors and sometimes acrylics, she captures the spirit and soul of everything she paints. In this dog series, she has paired each playful pup with the perfect colors and accessories to accentuate their individuality. Based in Philadelphia, she is inspired by all of the beauty around her- people, vintage clothing prints, architecture, green space, patterns, dreams, creative friends and, of course, DOGS. Lauren gets lost in painting and finds it to be the most therapeutic way to relax after a long day. By day, she is a visual merchandising manager at Anthropologie and is half of the print design duo called Rue + Jane which is sold there. You can see more of her work on Squarespace and purchase prints on Etsy. You can also contact her to make a custom painting of your favorite pet! Here are some of our favorites from her collection…

Lauren Carlson Walcott 2

Lauren Carlson Walcott 3Lauren Carlson Walcott 4Lauren Carlson Walcott 5

Lauren Carlson Walcott 6

Lauren Carlson Walcott 7

Lauren Carlson Walcott 8

Lauren Carlson Walcott 9

Lauren Carlson Walcott 10

Lauren Carlson Walcott 11

(Via: Visual News)

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