Gromit Unleashed

Are you a fan of Wallace and Gromit? Follow the Gromit Unleashed trail and see if you can spot all 80 of the uniquely painted, giant, 5ft sculptures of Gromit that have been “unleashed” onto the streets of Bristol this summer. Led by internationally renowned Aardman Animations in order to raise money for Bristol children’s charity The Grand Appeal, Gromit will be placed in various locations all over the city, and auctioned off after the event to raise money for the charity. You will find Gromits that have been individually decorated by invited artists and celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Cath Kidston, Jools Holland many more. You can learn more about the event and how to get the app on the Gromit Unleashed site and keep up to date with the Gromit Unleashed facebook page. Gromit Unleashed will take place from July 1st – September 8th… all over Bristol, so keep your eyes peeled!  Here are a few of our favorite Gromits…

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