Fido Dog Adoption by Ashley Hohnstein

Fido is a service that assists families with finding the perfect dog to adopt! Fido takes the exhausting task of multiple applications and finding the right dog, and simplifies it. The focus is not on looks, it is on compatibility. After filling out a thorough application, Fido will spend 24 hours finding your new canine companion. After both a statistical and a personality evaluation are completed by Fido’s trained staff, you’ll be matched with 10 dogs in your region looking for homes. After you make your choice, Fido will send you home with all the treats and tips you need on starting out your new life with your new best friend. In the end, Fido’s promise always rings true: happy dogs, happy homes.

Everyone has heard the phrase “dog is man’s best friend.” Fido aims to reverse this. They want to find Fido’s best friend. Fido is a classic dog name, and it immediately brings a nostalgic feeling to dog lovers.  Ashley Hohnstein, a graphic designer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota took on the project of creating an identity for Fido. When she approached its branding, she knew she wanted it to be bright and clean. This would emphasize the upbeat and exciting attitude about finding your new dog.  Fido’s main identity features a motif of a woman and dog silhouette overlapping like a venn diagram. This shows that they have similarities, and these similarities make them into a whole form. Ashley believes that if Fido is doing its job correctly, it will achieve its goal of finding you your better half. This overlapping section is emphasized by overlaying the colors. After Ashely developed Fido’s identity, she wanted to make sure the bright, clean aesthetic was carried throughout the stationary suite, promotional pieces, web, packaging, etc. She incorporated beautiful photos of dogs that have successfully found homes using Fido and paired them with clean contemporary illustration. Fido’s branding creates an emotional connection between the organization and its clientele. 

This project was created by Ashley for the UW-Stout Graphic Design Senior Show in Spring 2013. After creating this project, she showcased it at a gallery opening which was set up like a trade show with booths that fully integrate the product. The images below are from that evening!

For more of Ashley’s work check out the following links:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Behance

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