Naked Decor

Naked Decor is a smart, savvy line of home goods created by successful designer Supon Phornirunlit. After building his own design firm and making waves, he quickly gained speed and took his work into other realms. In 2007, Naked Decor was launched as a one-of-a-kind collection that allows self-expression in any domain. The accessory collection by Naked Décor is all about colour and vibrancy. Using a unique series of prints and pallets, these modern throw pillows add a cheeky twist to the environment. Arranged neatly on the couch, or playfully on the bed, these graphic printed cushions are the perfect way to add some spice and flare to your home!

Black & White Happy Hot Dog Pillow

Boston Terrier Pillow

Super Dachshund Long Pillow

Dachshund Typography Pillow

Best In Show Pillow

Hello Doxie Pillow

Blue & Brown Little Balloon Dog Pillow

Glamorous Dachshund Rhinestone Reversible Pillow

Greyhound Jewel Reversible Pillow

Wonder Dog Pillow

Rainbow Doxie Silhouette Pillow

Playful Doxie Pillow

Pixel Dachshund Reversible Pillow

Dalmatian Pillow

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