New York City Dogs by Tara Wray

New York City dogs are a unique breed. The metropolis offers plenty of stimuli for canines — places to sniff and socialize, including dog parks for the average pup and criminally overpriced doggy day care centers for the pampered pooch. Dogs in the big city contend with tiny apartments and little grass, but their personalities cannot be contained. Life is bustling, and hydrants await.

Photographer and Vermont resident Tara Wray visited New York City earlier this year and found herself snapping pics of local dogs. She created Each One Wonderful: New York City Dogs, which you can purchase over here. Dogs in fancy coats, storefront window pooches, and celeb pets (Parker Posey’s, specifically) appear in the photo book. Check out a few shots from the series below…


Bruce, West Village


Henry, Midtown


Bruiser, Chelsea


Parker, East Village


Reggie, Union Square


Valentine, Hell’s Kitchen


Damien, Union Square


Binky, Chelsea


Holly, Hell’s Kitchen

(Via: Flavorwire)

2 thoughts on “New York City Dogs by Tara Wray

  1. Mary Welsh

    I was going to post this on face book and twitter, and then I noticed the picture of the pet store featuring small dog adaptions. Are these rescued dogs or are they selling these puppies. If they are selling the puppies, in all likely hood they come from a puppy mill.

    Pawsitively yours



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