How To: Protect Your Furniture From Pets

Pets are always the best addition to a home. But when they are the four legged, furry kind that tend to have their own ideas of what’s fun to play with, put hair all over and edit to make their own– things can get a little destructive and out of hand.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if you do your part as a responsible pet owner (and maybe even a bit of an OCD homeowner), there are a few tips and tricks that can help to alleviate your home being destroyed with the addition of a new family member. Here are some “go-to’s” when dealing with pets and all of the fun they bring along.

How To Protect Your Furniture From Pets (6)

1. Look to slipcovers. If you’ve got no boundaries set with your pets as to what furniture is and isn’t off limits– slipcovering your upholstered pieces might be the best way to have a worry-free living space. Toss them in the washer each week and voila! You’ve got a new sofa all over again.
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2. Pick your materials wisely. When you pick a pet, it’s certainly not the same as going out and picking a sofa or coffee table. So while you may not have had the thought that the tiny little kitten you once had would turn into a fur shedding machine that’s 5 times the size of a small dog– you have full control over what your favorite sofa is covered in. Leather can be a great option for those who just want to be able to wipe things clean and have less worries over pet hair.
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3. Think like a pet. If you’ve got items in your home that look, sound or smell like toys– chances are that in time your pet will see them. Dangling tassles? Cords from blinds? Tasty looking wood legs? Well, you get the point. Find a way to keep these items out of reach when supervision isn’t an option.
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4. Sprays to keep pets away. Though spraying furniture with sour, sticky apple smelling spray certainly doesn’t sound appealing, it’s got to be worth a shot right? There are different sprays made for dogs versus cats and though they aren’t distracting to human senses– your pet won’t want to associate with the furniture that’s been tainted. Just be sure that these topical deterrents aren’t going to harm your collection.
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5. Maintain a grooming regimen. If hair is your issue, grooming can make a large impact. At times, all you can do is look to your pet and make sure you are doing everything as a pet owner to keep them well groomed and happy. Even if the hair isn’t all that big of an issue– your pet could be unhappy about something and taking all of that pent up frustration on your beloved cabinetry, or brand new floors.
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6. Keep the lint rollers handy. This probably goes without saying, but pet hair can make an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Those tiny hairs infiltrate every part of your home and seem to be a permanent part of life. If you can stay prepared and on top of a cleaning routine, the hair will be less of an issue as time goes on.

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