Psssst .. He Can’t Hear You – Understanding A Deaf Dog

Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect.
Michael W. Fox

Hugo, the little deaf French Bulldog with Logan.

Meet Hugo! He’s the first little deaf dog we’ve had stay with us at The Hydrant. While we’ve had quite a few aging dogs that are losing there hearing, but he’s the first born this way. His stay here, has taught me a lot about different training techniques, specifically using hand motions. I’m so used to using different noises & sounds to get the dogs to do what I want, the moment you take away sound, creativity comes into play! At first I had no idea where to start, but after a quick internet search I knew my plan for the week …..

The first few days was getting Hugo’s attention. Eye contact. After all, once you’ve got a dogs’ eye contact they’re waiting. Waiting for your next move …

He’s not super food motivated, so I had to find a really special something he loved. I figured out quickly that was freeze dried sardines (YUM!) AND tug toys!

These are some very useful links I found, and thought i’d share — – full of great info, including recommend hand signals you can use.

Deafness In Dogs – Why does this happen? Hand signals and tips for training.

Typical Friday night at The Hydrant.



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