Pet Sweep Slippers

Typically Fido likes to lay around and do nothing all day, so we think it might be time for him to do his part around the house by slipping on the Pet Sweep dog cleaning slippers. Todd Lawson really thought outside the box with his latest creation, the Pet Sweep. The animal powered debris removal system is essentially little mop like slippers that slip right onto the feet of your four pawed companion allowing him or her to clean the floors while trotting around the house.

 photo petsweepgallery_0005_layer_50_zps72724c30.jpg

If you want to take it to the next level there is also the Pet Plow, Pet Dustpan, and of course the Pet Broom which seem like fun (but maybe not so practical) ideas!  These attachments can be interchanged with the Paw Connect Boots that are provided.

The Pet Sweep and accessories are available for purchase from Amazon

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