Top 10 – Most Stylish Dog Breeds

Man’s best friend is sometimes menswear’s best friend too. Aside from garnering numerous reblogs and helping guys nab members of the opposite sex with their good looks and loving personalities, there are plenty of dogs with an innate sense of style. It’s ironic to think that, given that they wear pretty much the same exact outfit everyday, but believe or not, there are certain breeds who have more style than others. So Complex has ranked the Top 10 Most Stylish Dog Breeds…

10. Portuguese Water Dog

Possible Stylish Owners: Presidents, Sailors, People with anchor tattoos.

Good enough for the Obamas, good enough for you. For all you heritage heads, the Portuguese Water Dog is the perfect accessory to a Breton-stripe shirt or a peacoat. Originally bred as a seafaring pup, the good ol’ PWD is also known for its high obedience and the ability to swim. Couple that with its fluffy mane and its colorblocked coat of fur (that’s also available in all black for you goths out there), and you’ve got one stylish canine.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Possible Stylish Owners: People who love the idea of “fashion”, J. Crew shoppers

This season’s hottest accessory, by and large, is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Just look at that thing. You want to hug it and hope it sneezes glitter and sprinkles. Those droopy eyes, those floppy ears, the perfectly mussed coat of fur. It’s a living embodiment of this “high/low” concept every other person who pays attention to style is really feeling right now. It is a literal lapdog who wants nothing more than to just chill out, and the desire to do absolutely nothing? That’s luxe.

8. German Short Haired Pointer

Possible Stylish Owners: People who shop at Orvis, Dads with Barbour jackets that faintly smell of gunpowder

For men who wear hunting jackets for real, actual hunting, and use shooting patches to cushion the blowback from the butt of their Winchester rifles, this is their unironic dog. Man’s best friend was bred to find foxes and other wildlife, and direct its masters to their prey. Add in speckled fur and a rich brown coat that isn’t too far removed from tweed, and you have a regal pup that you would find cast-iron intrepretations of above a mantle in the Ralph Lauren mansion.

7. French Bulldog

Possible Stylish Owners: Independent shop owners, Sensitive bros with a #menswear Tumblr

Like Jay-Z had to make a song cry, sensitive style thugs choose to let a Frenchie represent their soft side. You’ll find this little guy hanging out at boutique menswear shops, either lying down by the counter or lounging by the fitting room. Doesn’t matter if they’re playing hip-hop or indie rock, he’s down with both. His primary job is to be a shop mascot, and usually has an appropriately-alt name like “Winthrop” or “Olivier.” You’ll also find him hanging out at the 1-bedroom apartments of stylish cool guys who make shit tons of money for seemingly inane things, like taking selfies on Instagram with a beer bottle from a specific brand..

6. Pug

Possible Stylish Owners: Creative types who work from home, Stylish fat dudes

This is the canine equivalent of heavyset dudes that look awesome. The pug’s own gluttonous, lazy nature is a perfect match, and the fact that he can just eat the day away and still be as adorable as ever is his greatest advantage.

5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Possible Stylish Owners: Royalty, People who buy full-price stuff from Barneys

The Corgi, known for its associations with British royalty, is a regal pup. Having a bunch of these guys greet you at the door shows that their owner is pretty much living, breathing wealth. That they couldn’t last more than an hour out in the wild doesn’t matter, because they are adorable. Look at their little faces, completely ignorant to every other thing in the world, like dogs less fortunate than they are. The best part about owning them? You’re probably rich enough to pay other people do do the dirty work, like scooping up their poop so you don’t have to worry about dirtying your Margiela sneakers or Balmain jeans.

4. Boston Terrier

Possible Stylish Owners: Dudes who wear a sportcoat 24/7, Dudes who wear double monks on the reg

The Boston Terrier is the icing on the perfectly tailored cake that is the sprezzed-out #menswear dude. Docile and regal, his black and white coat almost looks like a natural tuxedo. Throw a bow tie on instead of a collar, and you’ve got a canine gentleman. When he’s not being walked around with a horse-bridle quality leather leash, he’s probably seated in the basket of a single-speed bicycle, leisurely riding through the city as his master pedals his way through the annual Tweed Ride.

3. Brussels Griffon

Possible Stylish Owners: People with a streetwear brand, Well-coiffed bartenders at nightlife hotspots

The Brussels Griffon is to the downtown cool guy what the Boston Terrier is to the suited and booted #menswear douche. Originally bred by downtown cab drivers as effective rat killers in 17th century Belgium, this breed has come a long way from its gritty roots—much like many of the native New Yorkers who possess them. Plus, they’re small enough to be able to live in a tiny apartment, but large enough that people won’t give you flack for owning one, unlike Pomeranians, which are pretty much the Ed Hardy shirts of dogs.

2. Shiba Inu

Possible Stylish Owners: Menswear Bloggers, Menswear Dog Bloggers

Like the bloggers that probably own them, the Shiba Inu is a lot shorter in real life than in photos, and tends to have a highly inflated perception of themselves. That doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish though, as any person who’s actually seen Nick Wooster or Prince in real life will tell you. Style isn’t about physical height, it’s about sartorial height, and when you’ve got the tenacity and handsomeness of a creature like the Shiba Inu—or the boldness of a precision-tailored Thom Browne suit—no one can mess with you either way.

1. Rottweiler

Possible Stylish Owners: Riccardo Tisci, Kanye West, Victor Cruz

There’s an obvious reason why the rottweiler tops this list, and that’s Givenchy. Of course, the most stylish dog breed would be the graphic focal point of one of the most buzzed-about fashion brands right now. The loyal guard dog can be intimidating when necessary, and is known for being relatively fearless and confident—and really, isn’t that what style is all about?

(Via: Complex)

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