Johnathan May – Flower Strays

Moscow has over 35,000 stray dogs, which is approximately 84 strays per square mile. After an incident that left one brutally murdered on a crowded metro station in peak hour, they are now protected by the government. Acts of kindness towards the dogs are becoming more common in Moscow. People build the dogs temporary homes, feed them and some of the flower shop owners give water to the dogs on a daily basis. There are around 25 dogs that ride the subway by themselves from the outer suburbs into town in search of food.. The dog in the first photo waited on the platform, entered the train carriage alone and rode the train very casually for 15 minutes before departing.  Johnathan May a photographer from Sydney, Australia is documenting life on the streets of Moscow.  He has created a project called Flower strays capturing the daily lives of these stray dogs.  Her are some of the photos from the project which feature some very powerful images…

For more of Johnathan`s work check out the following links:

FacebookWebsite  | Tumblr | Twitter

One thought on “Johnathan May – Flower Strays

  1. Amazing pictures:) Although, and this is just my opinion, they are living outside, they look so peaceful. I am glad the Russian gov’t is doing something to help these amazing dogs:)


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