Marco Morosini – Dog Is A God

Think your dog deserves all of the same comforts you enjoy?   Think your dog should be living the good life?  Well then, this dog bed collection by Marco Morosini has something to offer!

travel dog's house

For pet owners who want their best friend to live in a house as great as their own comes the DOG IS A GOD collection of  dog beds designed by Marco Morosini.  With one of these beds your dog will be the first on the block to have a pet accessory created by a designer who started his career with Italian legend Oliviero Toscani and has designed for Ferrari and Maserati.

Details and finishing are definitely high-end: platinum, fine Italian ceramics and glass.  Whether you’re looking for a travel bed for a pet-on-the-go, or a bed for a dog that doesn’t wander beyond the back yard,  we know that your furry friend will appreciate Morosini’s designs! Don’t have a dog? Well, we are giving you a good reason to get one.

dog is a god nomad model

marco morosini dog is a god good life

The Dog Is A God Collection is available from Wannekes

dog is a god nomad

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