Michael Vick seen taking Belgian Malinois to dog training classes

The Philadelphia sports site Crossing Broad has posted several photos of Michael Vick and his family’s dog apparently enrolled in training classes at a Petsmart.

According to Crossing Broad:

A CB tipster, whose claims can be corroborated by several tweeters, sent along a few photos of Vick that were taken at a New Jersey PetSmart*, where Vick, his family and a bodyguard have been attending dog training classes for Angel, the Vick family’s young Belgian Malinois (a type of Shepherd).

The tipster says that Vick frequents the store and signed up for a total of six training classes on Monday evenings, with this being the second week.

Vick admitted last October that his family owned a dog. He is legally allowed to own pets after his probation expired last summer. At the time he issued a statement providing the reasons why his family decided to get a dog. Vick was arrested and convicted on (Federal) Felony conspiracy in interstate commerce/aid of unlawful animal fighting venture and (State) Felony dogfighting.

I have mixed emotions about this.
How do you feel about it?

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