Our Home Away From Home

Even when I’m away from my dogs, I still seem to find them!

The people who own the vacation rental property I’m staying at have 2 dogs.  Coincidentally, one of them is a young Doberman Pinshcer, named Bosco! He absolutely reminds me of Logan at this age. Lanky and kinda crazy. They have their calm moments, but will quickly jump up on a whim. His older sister is Reef, and she is equally as adorable. She looks like a red lab-cross.  I’ve had so much fun playing and spending time with these 2, as they greet me on my porch almost every time they hear me come outside.

I’ve also been able to watch Bosco do what the Doberman is bred to do – guard and watch. There are nights, he’ll join me on the porch, and he sits and leans on my legs.  Ears up, listening and watching through the fences. It’s absolutely amazing. Watching him dart through the dark night, when he thinks he hears something suspicious and quickly returning back to me on the porch. All I can think about is how much Logan would LOVE to meet Bosco and actually get a chance to ‘guard’.

Bosco and Reef giving me some morning love.
Bosco wondering why I stopped rubbing his bum. His eyes are something else!
It took Bosco a good day to really warm up to me, but now he’s so full of kisses. He also nibbles on my chin to be silly.
The cat. Who no one knows the name of but he has already snuck into my place a few times, to sit in front of the fan. He’s super affectionate. And very chatty. Meow meow Mr Man Cat!
My fan club waiting for me to come out.
Baby Bosco!


Within a few days, I had already picked out the perfect collar for Reef. This was it. 🙂


Reef suntanning.

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