World’s Largest Dog Breeds

Large dogs can bring lots of fun and joy to a household, and kids especially love them. Despite their size, these “gentle giants” are generally loyal, well-tempered and good-natured creatures. If you are considering a large dog, here are several dog breeds consistently found in the top “biggest dogs” lists, measured by weight, height, and length.

Fun Fact!

A Great Dane currently holds the record for World’s Tallest Living Dog and Tallest Dog Ever.

Now, onto the list!

1. English Mastiff

According to the American Kennel Club, the largest breed of dog is the English Mastiff, also known as the Old English Mastiff. Mastiffs are considered the heaviest dog breed, but not necessarily the tallest. They can weigh anywhere from 110 lbs to 343 lbs. The height of a mastiff can range from 25 inches at the shoulder to 36 inches.

Zorba, an English Mastiff, went broke records as the heaviest and tallest dog ever in 1989, with a weight of 343 lbs. Zorba measured over 8 feet from nose to tail and was said to be about the size of a small donkey. Currently, Hercules, a 282-lbs English mastiff with a 38-inch neck, cinched the record in 2001 for World’s Heaviest Dog.

2. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are fearless and extremely protective companions. They measure approximately 26 to 31 inches at the withers. Usually weighing about 170 lbs, Neapolitan Mastiffs can also reach up to 200 lbs.

3. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are said to be the tallest dog breed. Historically, the Irish Wolfhound’s astonishing size, speed, and intelligence made them ideal animals for hunting wolves and boars, though they are quite docile and friendly in nature. With a robust and muscular build, males can attain the stature of a small pony. The Irish Wolfhound can reach up to 7 feet tall when standing on its hind legs and weigh 90 to 150 lbs.

4. Great Dane

Great Danes are considered the second-tallest dog after Irish Wolfhounds. However, from year to year it seems the title of Tallest Dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is held by a Great Dane.

Giant George currently holds the record for World’s Tallest Living Dog and Tallest Dog Ever. George is a 250-pound blue Great Dane from Arizona. He stands 3 feet, 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Giant George—who even has his own website—consumes 110 lbs of food each month. He also sleeps on his own queen-sized bed inside the house.

5. St. Bernard

Known for its bravery and aptitude in alpine rescue missions, the average weight of a St. Bernard is between 140 and 220 lbs, and the approximate height is about 27½ inches to 35½ inches. A St. Bernard named Benedictine holds the world record for the Heaviest Dog Ever. Benedictine, who displaced Zorba  as the heaviest dog of all time, is said to have weighed 357 lbs.

6. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is thought to be the strongest of any dog breed, even beating some characteristics of the Great Dane, Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound. Some Newfoundland dogs have been known to weigh over 200 lbs. The largest Newfoundland on record weighed 260 lbs and measured over 6 feet from nose to tail.

7. Leonberger

Deriving its name from the city of Leonberg in south-west Germany, according to legend the Leonberger was bred as a “symbolic dog: that would mimic the lion in the town crest. These proud and self-disciplined animals stand 28 to 31.5 inches tall and weigh between 120 to 170 lbs.

8. Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a muscular breed with a thick neck and broad head, commonly used for guarding sheep from wolves, bears, jackals, and even cheetahs. It stands 29 to 36 inches and weighs between 90 and 150 pounds.

9. Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

The Dogue de Bordeaux is said to have the largest head in the canine world in proportion to the rest of the body. The average Dogue de Bordeaux measures 23 to 30 inches, and weighs 120 to 145 pounds.

It is important that big dogs get outdoors as much as possible—at least two long walks a day—as their energy requirement can be 25 percent higher than that of small indoor dogs. All that spent energy will require a hefty amount of food to keep your hungry companion fit and healthy, but it is recommended you give your large dog three smaller meals, rather than one large one. This will prevent overeating, as bloat is the number two killer of large dogs after cancer.

Also, know that large dogs are prone to bone and joint problems, and diseases like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and obesity. So before making any final decisions, ensure you will be able to properly care for your new furry friend.

88 thoughts on “World’s Largest Dog Breeds

      1. I like the pit bull for the worlds gratest pet instead of. Any other dog that. I would want is a kitty but I like dogs more than cats.because my mom dont like cats and that is my comment BYE I think thT you qouls like mt xommemr ok ask top pop


    1. Glenn

      Both my son and I have black Russian terriers. My son has a 3 year old female that weighs around 120 lbs and I have a 5 year old female that weighs 110. They both stand around 30″ to the shoulder. They are great with kids and very friendly and loyal and protective. They are a non shedding bread and in my oppinion the best dog you can find.


    2. Wolf

      Because that dog isn’t as big as these dogs,they are simply MASSIVE.Or should I say MASTIFFIVE,but literally,those dogs are big yes.But by size these dogs tower down onto the Russian Terrier.


    1. Padme

      Are you kidding? Your rottweiler is NOT of the breed standard then! I’m sorry but that’s just not right, it was poorly bred. Rottweilers should be medium-large size, not GIANT size… Trust me, I know, they’re my favorite breed, I have one, known many, and study many more.


      1. Jordan Byrd

        Poorly bred? Just because his dog is bigger than the average for its breed does not mean its poorly bred. That’s like saying Yao Ming was poorly bred because Asians are small not GIANT. Also, just because you own a dog and it’s your favorite breed, doesn’t make you an expert.


    2. Wolf

      Again,these dogs TOWER over rottweilers.Have you ever seen a picture of a French Mastiff next to a rottweiler,I have and the French Masitff.And I’m not being protective of any of these dogs,but rottweilers are big,but like last time Rottweilers are small compared to these dogs.


  1. I have a 27 1/2″ Labradoodle (85 pounds). I beginning to think something else got in the puppy batter. Although, we did get her DNA tested and she’s 75% poodle (other 25% unidentified).


  2. Britt

    I feel like there should of been Central asian shepherd and bully kutta on the list as well. Central asian shepherds 27-30in but usually get bigger. Bully kutta 27 1/2-40 in


  3. Brittany

    What about the Great Pyrenees mountain dogs. They are, I think, around the same size as a Newfoundland. My Great Pyrenees wiegh 89lbs and stands at around 28 or 30 inches. And she’s, from what the vets told me, small for her breed.


  4. what about the Tibetan Mastiff, they are an outstanding flock guardian and is ferocious against wolves, leopards or any prey that try to approach their flock. Some claim the dogs can weigh up to 220 pounds (99 kg.). An average weight of Tibetan Mastiff is around 120 pounds…


      1. Wolf

        XD I know what one looks like.I own one!
        My English Mastiff X Great Pyrenees is HUGE.
        She’s 38′ inches,5 feet long,and weighs 228 pounds.
        Her name is Sheba,and she has a Fawn English Mastiff coat.
        Her bark is worse than her bite (Trust me),she is just a big sweetie.
        She thinks she’s a cat,so she tries to sit on your lap.(And she’s afraid of our biggest cat Travis,a Maine Coon.Because of their history.)


  5. Hasan

    Also this list does not include a breed of Dogs that exist in Pakistan. That dog is commonly known as Bullykutta or Pakistani Mastiff and they have a equivalent height of Great Danes. Only recently Breeders have taken notice of this Amazing Breed.,
    Just take a look at this dong. Only 14 months old but standing at 34 inches and still growing.


    1. Wolf

      Really???These dogs are not really English Mastiff’s OR great danes.These dogs are just easily miss taken for world’s largest breed,that dog is obviously NOT 14 months old.These charts ARE true,these dogs none of these dogs weren’t put up there for a reason.
      I mean just LOOK at that dog,that guys probaly 6.5 at the least,and that dog is just GIANT compared to him!Look bud,you might have one of those dogs,and THINK it’s the largest,I know I used to feel that way about my black lab,but seriously LOOK at all these dogs,they are MASSIVE.


  6. Pete

    How about South African Boerbols. I think i might have mispelled it but they are a very big muscular dog. I have seen one that looks like a giant pitbull he was around 170 lbs and had a tight face not a lot of excess skin like a mastiffs head. I think they are related to Bullmastiffs who are also a huge breed but nothing gets as big as those damn English Mastiffs over 300 lb what did they feed it.And my parents owned Saint Bernards when i was younger the male was around 180 and i thought he was huge but over 350 lbs damn. Do any of you know what dog has or had the largest head in the world?I know someone with an Olde English Bulldogge with a 31 1/2 inch head at a weight of 153 lbs and his height is just under 20 inches so he is a tank.


    1. M. Lion

      I will offer you 1000 dollars to prove your lie to be the truth. Give me your city and I will fly in to weigh your dog on a vet scale with cameras rolling. Of you are telling the truth you get 1000 dollars. If you are lying I ask for nothing other than a good laugh. Let’s hear your excuses as to why you “don’t want to” colleft that “easy” money. Lol


  7. My wonderful ‘Black Russian Terrier Dog’ unfortunately had to be euthanized on 9th August 2011 due to a bone tumor on his left front shoulder which fragmented, he was in so much pain, therefore the vetinario felt that it would be kinder for him to be put to sleep, he was just nine and a half years old. I still haven’t yet got over his passing, I light a memorial candle for him evry year on the anniversay of his demise. he stood to his shoulders around 82c/m and weighed 70kg. he was the best dog i have ever had,.


    1. Molossus Lover

      yes, however these are dogs above the average, whereas the dogs in the list above are already larger than most ON AVERAGE. So they can get even bigger, like your giant german


    2. M. Lion

      Lol. I’m willing to bet you 1000 dollars that you are full of it. All you have to do is give me your city and I will come out to weigh your dog at a vet with the cameras rolling. 1000 dollars says you are a liar. If your dog is that big I will pay and if it isn’t I ask for nothing other than a good laugh. For everyone else reading this. Watch the avalanche of excuses why this person is not going to collect the easy money… lol


  8. daniel

    American akitas should be on the list the are big but amazing dogs very frendly wary of strangers and very protetive of its family the need lots of work training as they are very stubbren but very loyal and make great pets


  9. Big Dog

    I have a 15 month old English Mastiff who weighs around 130 pounds. When he stands on his hind legs, he’s about 5’10”. Other people think he’s huge. I don’t see him as being all that large.

    Mastiffs continue to fill out until theyre 2-3 years old, so I’m expecting him to top out at between 180-200 pounds.


  10. Molossus Lover

    seriously, some of you have no common sense. I am a canine enthusiast and i have studied each of these breeds before, and dogs like the gsd, cane corso and akita can grow big, and i am a mastiff lover, so i know what i am talking about when i say the tibetan mastiff is still smaller. However, i agree with the fact the bully kutta should be here, along with the spanish and pyrenean mastiff. Some dogs do grow bigger than breed standards, but it doesnt mean they are suddenly the largest breed, because of one dog. And as for the anatolian shepherd and kangal, they are in fact different breeds, but this is because the have been bred along different lines according to the region in turkey which each are from, The Boz shepherd is another one with closer resemblance to the kangal than the anatolian. It is for dogs that i have been to various around the world, so i can honestly say i have seen these breeds, or if not met people who know about them. As for the turkish shepherds, i met with people all the way in Qatar, and they were breeders of the kangal. I also met up with them because my cousin absolutely loves this breed. and to The Wolf, i honestly feel you are the most knowledgeable person in this list of comments, of course there are others as well, but please get your facts right before you comment.


  11. Ray

    I’ve come across amny of these breeds traveling around the world, but I’m sad to say i’m dissapointed that the Tibetan Mastiff never came up on your list. They may not be the heavy weight winner, but majority of the one’s i’ve come across that were pure breed’s stood well over 34inches at the shoulders. They are massive dogs.


    1. M. Lion

      They look a lot bigger with all that fur. Once the dog is shaved it gets wet there isn’t all that much left. The heaviest tm will be about 150 with most of them being more like 130 or less. The hair is what makes them look huge. A mastiff hides nothing with the short hair.


  12. Rhys

    I have a Newfoundland dog and he’s not even 1 yet and he’s bigger than me standing up can’t wait till his winter coat comes so he be so fluffy


    1. Jmh

      We have a Landseer which is 6’8″ and weighs 187. He is the kindest, most gentle dog we have owned. He is so beautiful and we have trouble just walking him because crowds of people want to pet him and take his picture with them.


  13. Fran

    Our Newfoundland male pup is 7 months old, 27 inches tall and 100lbs lean! Thick chest, very strong, amazing swimmer and a very gentle spirit! Dogs just rock!


  14. GreatDaneExpert

    I’m kind of tired of this misinformation. The Great Dane is the tallest breed. Period. The fact is, the M-I-N-I-M-U-M height allowed for Danes (28-30″ females & males respectively) is 2″ less than Irish Wolfhounds (30-32″ females & males resp.). That’s it. The minimum height allowed to show in conformation… In reality, I have never known a breed other than Great Dane to hold the title of tallest dog, both “ever recorded” and “living” (which, right now, is both…a living Great Dane that is 44″ at the shoulder – the previous “ever recorded” record belonging to a brindle Great Dane named Shamgret Danzas, 43.5″, finally broken after many decades). Funny enough, a “tallest female dog” (2013) recently came to light. No surprise to me, she is also a Great Dane. “Tallest dog” title has ALWAYS belonged to a Great Dane. It is ridiculous to say the minimum height allowed for conformation showing represents the average, real-world height of adult dogs (which no one actually knows, as it would require massive numbers of dogs be measured in order to obtain an objective “average”). Very few of either breed are the minimum height. Both Danes and Wolfhounds are very tall dogs. Danes are simply taller. Period.


  15. ikky from UK

    I have a Turkish kangol dog and a caucasian shepherd dog and a chow chow ……
    Turkish kangals are the worlds strongest dogs and totally fearless they are the worlds best dogs ….most large breed dogs ect boreboal mastiff and so many have been crossed with the kangal that why the Turkish people are so pissed with letting any more dogs out of there country dog cost me £6000 to import i only believe in the best dogs you can not beat a kangal they are the worlds number 1 dogs and the rest of my dogs ….i rest my case thank you


  16. Criz

    The Bully kutta is actually the most powerfuland the largest and strongest fighting dog breed today. It stands at around 42 inches tall and weighs around 180 to 210 lbs.

    It has been known to defeat all the other fighting dog breeds many times including pitbulls, kangals,etc.


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