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Cleaning House With Pets That Shed

Do you have a pet or more than one pet that sheds in your home?

Does the hair build up on upholstery or carpets?

If so, it can be very difficult to keep hair off of furniture, off of clothes, and especially off of area rugs. I love my pets more than anyone could possibly love their animals, but to be honest I do not love their hair. To top it all, I have three dogs—all serious shedders.

Fortunately, we have a leather couch that is tan and doesn’t show our dog’s hair because they all have white and tan hair. Also, it is easy to wipe off and clean. Another plus that makes our home easy to clean with dogs, is the light colored hardwood floor throughout our home. Since it is light colored, it helps not show every strand but it still gets there. It is a constant task keeping the floors swept and keeping other items in the house wiped down to make sure we don’t have their shedding hair on everything. My biggest challenge is keeping hair from building up on the large area rug that we have in our living room. I try to vacuum daily but still can’t keep it from building up. I first thought it was my vacuum, but then realized that even the “pet friendly” vacuums can only do so much to the amount of shedding that goes on with 3 dogs. I started looking for a solution and I found one that is inexpensive, easy to use and really works!

There are multiple types of Pet Hair Rakes for carpets but I chose one in the middle price range (really the lower end price range), because I was a little unsure of the durability and what the success would be. I looked around for one with decent reviews and durability guarantee when I chose this one, Adjustable Long Handle Metal Pet Hair Remover from Amazon.
It shipped out quickly and arrived within 2 days.

The first time I used it, I was in awe of how much hair had built up in just one small corner of my area rug.

In the picture above, I hadn’t vacuumed just one day and it even pulled more than just the dog hair. Each time I use it, it also rakes out dirt and other debris.

I have been using this rake on everything, from small and large rugs in my house, to upholstery and carpets in my car. I love how easy it is to use, and how well it works. I have taken off the extension to use in smaller spaces ( like the car) and it still works comfortably that way. I am so happy to have found this item!