Our Story

At the age of 5, I realized my love for animals, especially dogs. It was then that my family got our first dog, a Labrador Retriever for my dad’s hunting hobby. She quickly became the kid’s dog too and was so loving and loyal. While she grew quickly to be the same height as myself when she was on only 2 legs, she was a gentle giant who loved to run and fetch, as well as swim and dance when we would lift her up. We even had the bittersweet experience of helping with her 8 puppies for a their first 6-8 weeks and crying over each one that went to their new homes. I will never forget that amazing dog and the love she instilled for me for years to come.

As years passed and time took her away, my love for animals increased. We ended up later on with an indoor Shih Tzu whom I loved just as much. It was then that I realized, it’s not the breed of a dog, but just the dog itself. When I grew even more and left home, I started my individual journey with my own dogs and have never purchased a dog from a breeder. I have only taken in rescues or dogs that needed rehoming. It has been a journey for sure, but it has helped me find my passion for all dogs and share the joy that they bring to others.

Our Rescued Family


First rescued by a local veterinarian at just 6-7 weeks, this boy endured a lot at an early age. He had to have his eye removed after an extensive injury inflicted by the attack of another dog. The veterinarian who took him in helped him recover and rehomed him at 11 weeks old to our home. See more of Wink’s story here.


This sweet girl was rejected by her mother at just a few weeks old. Her living conditions were not the best. We took her in aroun 4-5 weeks and had to feed her formula around the clock with a dropper. With lots of patience and persistence she has defied all odds to be the most resilient girl.


My grown little boy. Adopted at 7 years old, he has already endured much loss. From needing a new home to losing his brother of many years, he needed close companionship from both humans and other dogs. Our home has been the perfect fit and taking him in is one of the best decisions we ever made.

About the Author

My name is Kelly-Marie and I am a life-long dog lover. I am thankful to be married to a life-long dog lover as well who supports my crazy antics with bringing in any dog that is lost until proper accommodations can be made, even if that means our home. I also am a mom to 3 amazing children who share in my love for dogs too. We incorporate our furry family members into every aspect of our lives often traveling together, daily activities and even co-sleep. It’s a crazy life, covered in dog hair but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Through the years of owning different types of dogs and even caring for the dogs of others, I have learned a lot. It is my goal to share tips and tricks with others who share in my passion in helping our pets live their best lives with us.

You may not see many pictures of me or my family on these pages (unless we are with our dogs) because this is Everything Dog Blog, not about us humans.